Happily Retired


After 41 years of hard work and dedicated service to Milby Company and the groundwater industry, our former President Burnet "Burnie" Chalmers has officially retired.

Burnie started his career at Milby Company in 1978 when he was asked to join his Father-in-law, John Malkmus, with the plan to eventually be his replacement and purchase the company from him. Burnie was a CPA by trade with no prior experience in the groundwater industry. However, with the help of our own customers, he quickly learned the products. He would often ask customers to draw pictures of what they were looking for to help him understand the equipment. Burnie soon became very influential within the groundwater industry, working closely with vendors and non profit organizations to promote and improve the industry. 

In 1980 Burnie partnered with Carl Lee and together they purchased Milby Company in 1987. For the next 30 years, Burnie and Carl led the company with class, passion and integrity. Under their direction, the company grew from 7 to 35 employees, from one small branch to five locations, and from 0 vehicles to 6 delivery trucks today. We all owe a great deal to them for helping us get where we are today.

Not only was Burnie passionate about Milby Company, he was just as passionate about bringing clean safe drinking water to those that need it here in the US and overseas.  Today, Burnie still sits on the board of directors for Lifetime Wells International and recently took a trip to Ghana with them to see these wells drilled first hand.

The only thing Burnie is more passionate about other than the industry, is his family. He has always spoken proudly about his wife, four children, and eight grandchildren. Most of Burnie's family, employees, former employees, customers, vendors and friends joined us for a special retirement party in his honor at the Olive Grove Restaurant on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019. We thank everyone for making this a memorable event for Burnie.

We hope Burnie is blessed with a retirement full of exciting new experiences and wish him a happy, healthy future!