Milby Company offers the following services to water industry professionals. No purchase necessary, no hidden fees. We offer these services to you so that you can offer a better service to your customers.

Product Recommendation
Look to Milby Company for practical and innovative solutions,
with a variety of products in stock, our experts will work with your company to identify the right equipment for any application.

Prompt Delivery
Call our toll free numbers for fast and free delivery in Maryland, Virginia and southern Pennsylvania.

Pump Sizing
You can call us from the job site or from your office and we will help you or your staff choose the correct pump to fit the job. We will ask the right questions so that you are confident the pump you order is sized to perform effectively and at the right price!

Pump Testing
If you have a pump that is not performing to expectations, bring it to the Milby Company office and we will test it in our simulated well to determine if it is an issue with the pump or something else. This can save you time and money! 

Water Testing and Analysis
Bring or mail to us a sample of water from your job site and we will test the pH, hardness, iron, and TDS. And we do this for you at NO CHARGE! If you need additional testing for bacteria and other conditions, we will refer you to the correct lab or service.
Troubleshooting and Problem Solving 
If our in-house experts cannot answer your technical problems, we will conference call the manufacturer (while you are on the phone with us) so that your question is answered or the problem is solved. We stay with you to make sure we get results! 

Technical Assistance

Did you know that you can ask the experts at Milby Company to size pumps, test water, troubleshoot pump problems and test pumps at NO CHARGE to you? Take advantage of these services if you're a plumber, well driller, water conditioning contractor or other water systems professional. 

  Training Classes

Milby Company hosts ongoing free training classes for professionals covering pumps, water treatment and new product applications in Maryland and Virginia. Sign up today so that you and your crew members know how to choose, install and maintain the proper equipment for your customers. Visit our Events page for the schedule of upcoming classes in Maryland and Virginia.